Solar Battle Soundset Suggestion

Hello everyone, new to the boards. Loving Syrinscape so far.

In one of my epic level games, my players will be fighting a Solar angel in the plain of Arborea. They will be fighting at the top of a temple of Bahamut overlooking the vast forest.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got the environmental sounds down, but I’m having difficulties finding effects for my Solar.

Off the top of my head, I would need:

-Angelic wings flapping;
-Radiant energy weapons sound effects (a bow and a greatsword);
-A fitting combat theme, something definitely epic.

Any suggestions are welcome.


For the wings, try the element “rasps wings”, which can be found in the Descent into Avernus set, specifically the Candlekeep set. Those are nice, deep, majestic wingbeats for your solar.

For the combat theme, try Music - Epic Star Battles from the Sci-Fi player. Orchestral and epic indeed!

For the radiant weapons, you could use the Lightsword Battle (from Sci-Fi player), which is lightsabers, essentially, for the sword, and then for the bow, you could use Starfinder Handheld Weapons and specifically use the heavy plasma weapon.