So many clients

Why there’re so many clients - fantasy, scifi, board (that one surprised me a lot, aren’t fantasy boardgames both?), online, campaign,… - when they all do same stuff, just with different soundbanks?

All of them require installing, which clutters windows more then necessary… Shouldn’t there be just one client (one for computer, one online for browser), that would have it all in one place?

Yeah I agree… but.

Maybe it’s to limit how much “noise” is in the UI ?
I’ve got the fantasy player open, and as someone new it seems very unwieldy. There are (hundreds?) of soundsets. I’d rather have a client for each of the overarching themes, than have to go through even more soundscapes :slight_smile:


There’re many ways how navigation / search / etc can be done in UI and switching between 3 groups of lists. Even if they want to keep this version, with pop ups info and just-text description of packs (which I see kinda dated and even you confirm it’s harder to navigate), adding three buttons to top of the list is imho lesser evil then building / maintaining / installing 3 different applications.

Hey, just checking you know about the campaign manager… that’s where you can can make content from any of the three Genres show in any of the players… or better still the Online Player which blends all three together and where you don’t need to install content before using it.

Works? :slight_smile:

ALSO: Welcome both! :smiley:

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I found a workaround in pro tips, how to put scifi sounds in fantasy game, but that’s still just a workaround (and manually quite a demanding one). I skimmed online player, but unlike e.g. that one still needs a software installation?

I was thinking more about modernized (“2021 worthy”) UI, that would

  • use that 4K monitors we all have
  • had some better usable form of selection / filtering from all the available sounds (I agree with Palundgreen that scrolling through list of 100+ items written in light grey on dark gray background isn’t nice)
  • display them perhaps in some dashboard in middle of the screen
  • allow multiple selection / download / inclusion in campaigns,…
  • and all of the in one client.

I attached screenshot of what I see when I launch the app - there’s plenty of space and even if I return to initial question - three icons (scifi, fantasy, board) under/above that “all soundsets” could cover filtering within one app. But there’s lot of UI space for much more :slight_smile:

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