So i subbed for 2 years

So I subbed for over two years, plus multiple stretches of months before this latest stretch, for I guess over the last 5 or 6 years. I’ve really enjoyed the product and have taken the time to get good at the DJ while DM mindset. I’ve made custom encounter soundsets for my players, uploaded sounds… the whole shebang.

My understanding was that anything that was released while I was subbed would still be available. Sounds fair enough. As far as my monthly costs to host my game online for my players, Syrinscape is the most expensive line item. So it was always good to know that I’ll retain access to some workable portion of the library if I only subscribe long enough.

I stopped my sub recently… but now I actually just cannot get anything to play. Either I am clicking on things I now no longer have access to, which is fair I suppose, but why am I seeing these… and how do I find those things I do have access to from the lefthand soundset list?

I have spent a not inconsiderable amount of time trying to find anything that will play. Even the global one shots… and just nothing plays.

So, either the promise to have access to soundsets and sounds has changed since I first was made aware of it (if you don’t sub your don’t get access to anything)… or the UI is not doing its job to inform a lapsed subscriber where the content they have access to is because that which you have access to is mixed in with everything you don’t. Either way, I’m disappointed and a little frustrated. I feel I have paid near to a king’s ransom over the period and being so summarily shut out feels like I have been conned.

Thanks for reading.


I’ve checked out your account and I see a LARGE library of playable content.

Are you using the Web Player at Have you hit reload to refresh?

Wanna send some screencaps of what you are seeing in your UI and we can check it out. You may want to send those to the support email rather than here if you like.

We can get you sorted. :slight_smile:

We can also send you a list of precisely everything you SHOULD be able to play back.

Thanks Benjamin.
So… let’s try barghest battle as an example. I think i remember it being an oldie, so good chance I may have access to it.
Clicked on it from the list of sound sets.
Clicked on the first mood “It’s stalking us”. I see the UI update to a stop button at the top… but that’s it.
I don’t see a soundwave bottom left.
Nor, do I hear anything.
Click on the second mood. Same story.
Click on any of the individual elements. Nothing.
Click on a oneshot. Zip.
Try another soundset… same story.

The browser tab doesn’t indicate there’s any audio playing. Audio works fine for youtube, spotify, music within foundry…
So, at a bit of a loss.

Looking at your screenshot you are using the Syrinscape Online Master interface, which does not play sounds, it is just the control interface for the Online Player. To hear the audio you would also need to be running the Online Player app.

If you want to hear the sounds play directly from the browser then you need to be using the newer Syrinscape Web Player, which is found by either clicking the “Play Now” button on the Syrinscape Home page, or by heading here;

Note the Web player is https:// app.syrinscape vs the online player which is just https;//syrinscape

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Thank you and sorry for the very late reply, the game took a month off. That indeed has resolved it. For some wondrous reason, my bookmark to app.syrinscape got updated to regular old syrinscape (definitely a user problem)… and with the interface looking identical to me (and not appreciating the difference of the url prefix)… I couldn’t self diagnose and correct.

I remembered when you guys added the “play straight in the browser” and I hopped onto that immediately (less apps to have open is great, esp. when I have so much else going on)… didn’t think you’d have kept the separate player support, hence this users confusion.

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Great, glad to hear it’s all working for you now. Thanks for letting us know :grin:

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