So how to add a pic to your sound set?


I don’t know how you guys feel about it, but it’s pretty distracting for me to look at your sound set and having the image of the last regular sound set you clicked on the screen, when the mood is completely different.

Is there a way to add a picture to your sound set?

Also can we change the icons of our sound buttons?


Send the picture to @benjamin, he can add it to the soundset. I think the same applies to icons.


Hmm. Okay, I’d rather do it myself, since I only make sound sets for my private use and groups. And it would be a waste of his time.


Yeah, this is a feature we are planning to add.

btw I really am happy to attach a picture to a SoundSet of yours if you like.

jpg with a file size = approx 200K


Would the picture be applied to new versions of the soundest if edits are made, or would I need to send the pic again?


Hi @fizbinentertainment, in the current build you need to delete a soundset before you can upload an edited version. So yes if you had a soundset released as community content and then decided to edit it then we would again need to attach the picture for you. In future builds you can do this yourself but we’re not quite there yet.


Hello, has this been implemented yet? I know this post was from roughly six months ago (187 days). I would like to take advantage of being able to do this. Thanks in advance.


No not as yet, it’s still a function that we are looking to add to future builds. Currently our priority is in making sure that people can build soundsets and upload them easily and of course the Minion/Master player. It is definitely on our list though.


We can add a picture manually for you if you like @mlesnewski

jpg with a file size = approx 200K
1080 x 720 works well.


Hi @benjamin, how do you guys feel about using Wizard’s images? I’m making a bunch of Curse of Strahd soundscapes and would like his face gazing at me with cold ambivalence. It adds to the mood.