So, how do people like the Dragon Heist Stuff?

So, how do people like the Dragon Heist Stuff?

Voice acting?
Structure of the sets?
Music? (battle and mood music)
OneShot Art Style?
Other things I haven’t thought of yet?

I am looking forward to testing it out as I am going to be DM’ing a group of new players through Dragon Heist. The VA work for main NPC’s is always helpful, I do hope the Battle Music goes over but I may substitute it with some other more traditional sounding battle songs.

While I am not a big fan of the Voice Acting in Sound Sets (Not because of the Quality mind you, I just feel that it breaks immersion, also most of my groups we play in swiss german, then an english VO isn’t that useful), I love the ambience. I am listening to Fireball - Rain atm and it is amazing!!! I might use it in the One Shot I run for a bunch of Pen and Paper beginners next week, I need some ambiance after their first fight :smiley:

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I’ve got so much positive feedback on this one (here and the other places I asked). I feel pretty inspired to keep working hard.

Note: Part two (ie chapter 4) is complete and in for approval with WotC. There’s LOTS of great stuff in there… can’t wait to get it to y’all!

I see y’all did Xanathar as a BBEG.
Some Cassalanter, Jarlaxle and Manshoon sets would be nice to wrap up that collection.
Does Jarlaxle keep the Zardoz Zord accent or does he drop that and slide into a “Down Underdark” accent?

An interesting question :grin:

We often look back at older SoundSets when we are looking for new break out sets, so it may be worth us looking again at Dragon Heist and some of the fun characters found there