So close to another song released

I am mainly releasing songs on a one per month basis at the moment and now that I have a few people supporting my I am going to work on releasing them in a scheduled fashion (first of the month). One thing I do want to gauge is making songs that people are looking for. I have a few made up that fit different categories like: Tribal, Church, Uplifting, Exploration, and Foreign.

What I would like to know is: What are some types of music that people want but haven’t heard. I could try making some stuff to supplement what Syrinscape has at the moment. In the future when I have more supporters I would like to implement a poll or something similar where I could make an extra song based off of what has the most votes.

And if you would like to support me and get some more music for your games you can do so here.

Look out for the next song in a few weeks.

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I’m always in search of new songs! Forgive me naivete, but is there somewhere I can sample the songs you already have made available? I saw the link to the patreon page but I couldn’t sample the specific song.

Personally, I’m always looking for: exploration/catch-all music–the type of tune that gives a fantasy vibe of exploration but that can be played across a number of different scenes and scenarios. A couple good examples of this (IMO) are:

The Pillars of Eternity song

Kevin Macleod’s The Pyre

Yes. I included a link to my soundcloud so you could sample them in other posts but I forgot to add it here. Just click here and you can listen to the songs. And if you like them you can get the .wav files from my patreon and upload them yourself and use them.

P.S. If the music is a bit to specific I do have some generic exploration music I made. I just haven’t gotten it released yet. I have a few songs made and it’s hard to choose which one I wanted to release first.


Thanks for linking me to the music. I enjoyed the tunes and look forward to hearing your releases.

My personal favorite was Chant. In my opinion, I think the first 1:10 would work very nicely as a stand alone. It has a nice general fantasy sound to it that could work great for a variety of scenes.

I’m glad you liked it. I may work on a variation without the chanting for that song.

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