So after the last update

I can no longer hear anything… It did work before the update.

Known issue: No sound with Syrinscape Online Player

You should use only the old version.

Yup. We are currently still hunting this bug… it seems to be affecting just a small fraction of users… and NONE of our in-house devices… which is making it hard to hunt.

Can you both confirm:

  1. App type
  2. App version number
  3. Device
  4. Operating system
  5. Anything else I’ve forgotten that is obviously useful.


It is a windows 10 machine, I am thinking that i updated my Mozilla Firefox browser recently… As for apptype? Erm, the windows 10 version? Oh and a PC… so a PROGRAM, not an app. :wink:

It seems that my players can hear it, but I cannot.

I do load the master interface, and all, when i play a preset i the “sounds” do get blue, but i don’t get the rotating circle thingie that indicates the sound/file is active.

How do i revert to the older version?


Hello, I had the same issues with the online player (and all of my players to) on a Macbook with Windows 10 (I don’t know which systems my players use but I think they are using Win 10 too). I switched to my PC with Windows 10 and the old version of Syrinscape and there all worked smoothly.

The effects I experienced with the new version of the online player were (Soundset Sinister secret of saltmarsh I)

  • when I activate a mood (e.g. Hobgoblin battle) only a one time effect (dramatic moment) is played but all other music is colored blue but no sound can be heard (and no colored rims can be seen to indicate, that the sound is playing)
  • I can klick on a music icon like “D&D saltmarsh battle music” individually and it starts playing but with full volume (volume adjustments servers don’t seem to have any effect).
  • The music plays only once and doesn’t repeat
  • Sound effects cannot be heard regardless if I klick on them seperately or not (e.g. “Windy inside”)
  • Some one time effects work (e.g. “Dramatic moment”) some don’t (e.g “Stirge screech”). Global oneshots seem to work (but I haven’t tested all)

Browser doesn’t make a difference (tested on iPad Safari, Win Opera, Mac Firefox)

Hope this helps (and please remove the “update please” message).

Install file was syrinscape-1.4.7-p5-win-online.exe from the main page (header -> Syrinscape Online (beta) -> Player downloads -> Windows)

I also seem to be getting clipping/corruptions in samples from time to time. First I thought it was distortion, but it seems to be coming and going. Restarting/reloading seems to work.

As for app version, I cannot find any application version on the application, so i am guessing it is the latest.


And Firefox is version 79.0 as far as i can tell.

@Honken @nokel @bjornsundell can you try again with the latest version, 1.4.8-p2, just released?

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Yes, it work s again! Thanks!



Works here too. Thank you.


Wooty Mc-woot Woot! :slight_smile: :smiley: :fireworks::beers:

After everyone updated to the latest last night. We had several occurrences for multiple players and me as the DM where the new online player just went away. Starting it again and restarting the music fixed it. But it was annoying to everyone, to the point that some players didn’t restart the app.

@jon_web do you mean, the online player app crashed? If so, could you send me a copy of its log and/or crash dump (if there is one)?

The log file can be found at: C:\Users\{USERNAME}\AppData\LocalLow\Syrinscape\Syrinscape Online Player\Player.log

The crash.dmp file (and associated output and error log files) might be found in a timestamped folder in the C:\Program Files\Syrinscape Online Player directory.

I have a player-prev.log from that date, but no crash.dmp in that directory. I do not see a way to attach a file.

@jon_web you can email it to

Emailed, has to be at least 20 chars.

Email received, did you get my reply?