Smart watch control

I am missing Smart Watch control.
I can control the music app from my AppleWatch, but not the player :frowning:

This is especially important when I need the phone connected to an outlet while playing, and can’t have it near me.

Any chance of getting an AppleWatch version of the player?


What is the screen size on a your smart watch? Pixel X pixel.

Do u reeeally think there would be room for all the bits?

That’s not exactly how it works in a smartwatch :slight_smile:
I use a 44mm apple watch.
When music is playing, there is only the play/pause and next/back buttons.
Then, when you open the screen, you can have the lists, favorites, etc. when you wsipe the screen right or left.
In the apple watch, the way it works is you have vertical and horizontal swipes. The vertical ones browse the current lists, while the horizontal switches lists.

Since Syrinscape already utilizes a vertical scroller in the phone apps, it should be relatively simple to implement:
The horizontal swipes will switch between soundtracks->moods->sounds->oneshots (keeping the existing order from the players).
The vertical one will simply run through each list.

It’s important to note that the phone app is only meant to control the existing phone app setrings, NOT have the full interface. You don’t need all the settings and such, just the lists and play/pause. So for example if I selected to only see installed soundsets on the phone, those are the only ones that will appear on the phone.

I hope I explained it ok :slight_smile: