Skype Half-Duplex?


So I’ve set everything up as described in Protip #07, with Voicemeeter and the virtual cable. It seems to work fine from my side, and my friends hear both my voice and Syrinscape on the far end. But whenever they say anything, the music cuts off. Do others experience this with Skype, or is there a Skype setting I need to tweak? Thanks.


It might be a windows sound setting that is automatically reducing sound when they talk. Have them open their windows sound setting and click on the communications tab. It should look like the attached. If the “reduce sounds by 80%, mute all other sounds or reduce the volume of other sounds by 50%” is checked, they might want to click on “do nothing” and see if that resolves the issue.


Skype has limit to 4 users still, right?

I am using Google Hangouts for playing online and streaming sounds. Wondering if there’s a better tool for that.


Not sure as I don’t use Skype! I use discord for player voices and use voicemeeter banana to stream sounds to players over cleanfeed. Works very well.


Never heard of Skype having a limit to the number of people on a call. Before switching to Discord we used Skype and always had more than 4 players working fine.


Can confirm- Skype works fine with more than 4 people.