"Skip" or "Next Track" button, for elements with playlists


I know that Syrinscape’s business model is built around the full blown, curated soundset ambiances, but I’m sure I’m not the only GM using it to play background soundtrack music using moods as playlists.

But doing this, if you have a playlist organised by mood or location, sometimes the particular track that’s playing might not quite fit what’s happening in the game. This is where Syrinscape lacks a basic function that most music players or even physical CD players have: a Skip or Next Track button, to move onto the next track on the playlist.

At the moment, the only way to change the track that’s currently playing in a playlist element is to stop the mood, wait for all currently playing sounds & music to stop (which takes several seconds) then start the mood again.

What I’d like is a button that instantly stops any elements currently playing, then restarts them, ideally with elements that have playlists picking a different sample to the one they’re currently playing.


You can stop an individual element by tapping the little icon in the elements list. Then double tap the same icon to make the element immediately start again with a randomised sample from it’s play list


Yeah @Steve is right, @DrVesuvius

A simple double click on the play button does precisely what you are describing! :slight_smile:


You know it never occurred to me to go down to the Element level to try this, but that works fine, thanks.

Must have missed this in the Syrinscape manual. What page is it on again? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :wink:


He he! It’s one of the more esoteric features.

But in my defence, I specifically mention this feature in this video:

Made 5 years ago! :smiley:

Thought… this video really needs a remake… at maybe 50% speaking speed… calm down Ben!