Signing in to syrinscape fantasy player


Every time I load syrinscape fantasy player, it tells me that my hardware ID has changed and asks me to log in again. It’s getting ridiculous. I have a laptop that doesn’t change from one month to the next, but for some reason syrinscape is not convinced.

Surely by now, you could come up with a decent login process that doesn’t mean I have to try and remember my password? It’s computer generated from my Mac side so it’s not something I have floating around in my head, but as I use a PC for syrinscape and FG I have no choice.

It really is frustrating. I don’t think there is any other software that requires an internet link to work that I use does this. Ever.


Hi @gary

Sooooo… when Syrinscape starts up, it checks to see if it is still on the same system it thinks it is supposed to be on. It gets an ID from the system and checks the one it has on record. If these are the same then Syrinscape won’t even bother looking for the internet and will run even if there is no internet there. If Syrinscape thinks it maybe have been copied onto a different system it will ask for a fresh log in. Though this can be a pain, I’m sure you can understand why it does that.

NOTE HOWEVER: there are certain activities that will change the ID your system returns to Syrinscape (even though the system is baaaasically the same). We have made this ID as insensitive as Unity will allow at the moment, but I thiiiiiiiiiiiink eg plugging in USB drives still makes it change (and possibly a few other things).

So a solution for you = make sure your system is in the same setup when you start up Syrinscape OR don’t shut it down at all OR make a simpler password (it’s easy to change straight after you log into the website each time).

Does that all make sense?