Shortening Sound Duration

I have a sound I would like to use for a one-shot (Insect Swarm) but it is over 64 seconds in length, and more like 5 seconds would be appropriate for what I want to use it for.

Is there a way in the online sound creator that I can shorten the sound?

We haven’t got any built in audio editing in the Master UI atm.

You could:

  1. get me to share the sample with you, and edit your self
  2. get me to make an edited version that is shorter and share it with you
  3. start the sound 2 metres away, and move it towards the listen at about 1 m per second… so the sound fades away?

Any of those options work? :slight_smile:

Sure, Option 1 is great actually, I can edit that no problem!

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