Sharin-scape Master Minion etc etc


Hello all!

Question for the masses. What’s Master Minion? Some kind of addon? Can I use it yet? I run a campaign and my brother phones in on Face time to play with us. I’d love to pipe him the sadistic sounds of Syrinscape and whatever else I have on my laptop giving the room the ambience it craves.

Im a Mac user
Syrinscape full subscriber
On game nights I run
Your lovely app
You tube
bluetooth speakers

My brother facetimes in on an iPad

I started to look into discord this week but other than voice chat I don’t see how I can run my computer sounds into it. What are my options to work with here. Thanks



Master/minion is the old name for syrinscape online. If you are a supersyrin you can get everybody to connect (with a free syrinscape account) to your syrinscape online and all they have to do is run the software on their computer and it will play and sounds you do.


Oh excellent. I had no idea. I downloaded it and installed so I’ll test it later. Anything I should know? Do I just link the devices and control my normal Syrinscape app as I do?

Does it by chance grab the other audio I’m using if its not through the app? Spotify etc?


It’s browser based so the app is not involved. It only plays music from the syrinscape online browser. Once you download it, open it up and link it to your account. Everyone else needs a free syrinscape account and link the online player to it. Then you give them a “join my game” link and their player will hear everything you play.


First off let me say. I’m a huge fan of Syrinscape and I’m a super subscriber…but I’ll be honest that online player is garbage. I had so much trouble trying to link it to just one person and over half of the sounds I tried to play in our test didn’t work. The light would indicate that I pushed a button but no sound, or if I did do something the delay was so long it was silly, I’m not sure if its still in its early beta and there’s a long way to go or if you just need really fast internet to make it work properly, but its was pretty disappointing. I’m hoping there’s another way to try this. I’m open to any suggestions.


search the forum for the setup to run syrinscape through voicemeter. I have had no troubles with the online player so I’m not sure were the lag would come from but you can use voicemeter and a voice chat like discord to just pipe it in over a cloned user.


If you would be so kind, give it another go, we are a fair bit further through the beta now… and yes, linking and unlinking was a nightmare before! The big delays are also gone now… mostly… usually :bug: :hammer: