Share soundsets, but not publicly?

So… if I create a soundset, that I’d like to share with one of my friends at the table, but I don’t want to make it public (i.e., because it’s got copyrighted music)… any way to do that?

Just curious. Thanks.

Was about to ask this question, but found it here, sad, lonely, and unanswered :frowning:

@Vicki ?

@yamahito thanks for the tag. So, you can create your own campaigns from existing SoundSets and share those with friends who also have a subscription via the link in the Campaign Manager but in terms of sharing completely custom SoundSets with copyrighted music, as far as I’m aware, there’s currently no way to share that. @benjamin, is it possible?

Soundsets are by default set to private, which means that they can contain any sounds or music that you have access to. Once built you can then submit them as Community Content to be published as public, in which case they are then available to everybody and are checked to be copyright free.

If we allowed you to share private soundsets with individuals and they contained copyrighted materials then you would no longer be using that material for “personal use” and we would be distributing that copyrighted material, so it’s not something that we can do I’m afraid.

Totally understandable.

It would be great to share some of the… space fights ahem soundscapes I’ve been working on, but I just can’t invest the time in making them generic.

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