Shadows of Esteren music not playing in custom mood



when I make a new mood in the fantasy player with the music from Shadows of Esteren - Dearg, stop everything and then start the new mood, the music does not start. Is it a bug or by design?

Kind regards


Which track of the Esteren soundset are you trying to use? Some music elements have a delayed start so it may seem, that they won’t start at all. How long have you waited before you stopped the mood?


Thanks new_vision,

after a more thorough look I can say the visual aid for the delay starts (the playbutton lights up and the counter shows), but when the delay is over, the track does not start (the playbutton goes dark, no counter).

I tried Le Val de Deargh, Eoghan and Requiem.


Hey Daniel,

if you restart the app and hit the custom mood as the first thing you hit (once the app is totally loaded up) does the music play then?

Maybe we have a bug for starting music tracks that are set to NOT repeat playlist?

Ooo… also… are you hitting stop before starting this custom mood (normally)?

We can work it out! :slight_smile:


Hi Benjamin,

you might be on the right path. Restarting the software makes them work once, even if its not the first thing i hit. So playing them is ok, then playing something else and restarting the music does not work.

There is no difference in this behaviour between after hitting stop or hitting other moods.

Thanks for looking into it. :slight_smile: