Shadows of Brimstone theme


Hello! Hope I placed this in the correct thread. Any suggestions to a possible sound set to accompany the game Shadows of Brimstone (Flying Frog Productions)?


Definitely the right place. :slight_smile:

So… tell us… what sort of locations/creatures are in this game? I’m not familiar with this one. Armed with this info, there are plenty of nice people here who can point you in the right direction. Me, @Steve, @HECook. :smiley:


It’s not one I’m familiar with but if you can give us a summery of the adventure and what you need then we can definitely come up with some suggestions for you :slight_smile:


Thank you for responding! SoB is an old western gunslinger theme with portals hidden deep inside old mine shafts to other worlds. These other worlds vary from swamps/deserts/lava/frozen landscapes, even one thats has you boarding a derelict spaceship! Inbetween each adventure you’ll head back into your hometown (back in the old west) and regroup in a saloon or various other western town merchants so despite the “other worlds” it is heavily western gunslinger in nature.


While there is no old Western town precisely, there are several town sets/elements that will make one.

For the western town use Bridle Town, minus the music (so use the Bard’s Day Off mood), maybe adding in some additional elements from Wagon Journey (“horses” and “wagon train”, specifically) while you’re in the streets. Maybe throw in a few elements from the Blacksmith set, if needed. For the saloon, use Friendly Tavern, with the “creaking stockade element” to represent the door opening and closing. You’ll likely have to turn off the music in that set as well. Creepy Shopkeeper will suit for most quiet merchant establishments, and for a busier store you can add in elements from Friendly Tavern (echoing voices, coins).

For outside town, if it becomes necessary, there are the Desert and Farmland sets.

For the mine, you use Sub Terra from the Sci-Fi player. There is a “mine ambiance” in Matt Mercer - Nostoc set, but that is for an active mine.

For the portals, there are a couple you use. Shimmering Veils, Disjunction Chamber, and Mountaintop Portal are all good choices.

For your various worlds, there is a Swamp, Desert, and Icy Wasteland set. The Elements - Fire set has all sorts of fiery sounds, including Lava. For a spaceship, you could use Sci-Fi Player’s Abandoned Space Station and/or Engine Room.

For weapons, Sci-Fi Player’s The Lost Pyramid has “revolver cocking” and “gunshots” elements, as well as one-shots of the same, for any of your old six-shooters.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you need any more sounds!


Thank you for the wonderful help! I am very excited to add this into our next adventure and hopefully (with a little practice) I wont fumble to bad and have something like a play track arranged! I’m an iphone only guy… no computers


With a little pre-planning and making some custom moods (and a campaign), you should have everything at your fingertips with hopefully very little fumbling! Best of luck, and have fun!


See, I knew @HECook would know.

Don’t forget “Modern Weapons” fro guns… and some of the 1920 SoundSets might be useful too.