Shadows of Brimstone campaign request

Unfortunately I do not have any western inspired songs atm. I found these off of YouTube’s sound library that are CC.

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Any more info on this? I would love some feedback as to what else jcapron might want added to it or other missions they might want included.

is it live? I would absolutely love to check it out!!

Not sure yet. They are busy guys. If not now than for sure by next week. Once they are able to get through it they should provide a link so you can get access to it.

Sulfurous Penumbra is now live as Community Content for all of our Supersyrin Subscribers. A huge thanks to @davinci522 for building this and to @HECook for the alternative name :slight_smile:

The soundset can be found in the Boardgame Player and although built for the Shadows of Brimstone Boardgame it also makes for a fantastic western styled soundset!

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Is there enough room to add a few more of the mission areas on there? I didn’t want to overload the soundset but if I have time I might update it with alien worlds I didn’t get to.

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As Ben would say “moods are cheap”. The samples take up a big chunk of the file size but individual moods don’t

So you can make as many moods as you like with the content you already have and it will hardly change the soundsets size. Currently your at just over 70mb, so you still have around 30mb to play around with if you wanted to add more samples as well :slight_smile:

Mind Blown. WOW. Beyond expectations and overwhelmed. Thank you @davinci522 for the time you put into this and I certainly hope others in the community benefit from this! It is EXACTLY what I needed :innocent:

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