Shadow Company Scoundrels, Ruffians, and Scum Vodcast

plural noun: scoundrels
a dishonest or unscrupulous person; a rogue.

plural noun: ruffians
a violent person, especially one involved in crime.

a worthless or contemptible person or group of people.

This is a New Dungeon and dragons 5e Home Brew campaign of mostly one offs. Based in and of the seedy people of Waterdeep. The Characters play evil to neutral characters and try to raise of the chain of crime.The players are the Scoundrels, Ruffians, and Scum of society. The story is continuous and what ever the characters do effects the world. Also their is a high change of death since the game is not scaled to level.

Experience is greed system which means 1 gold = 1 xp . so every time the group takes in value they get experience . Their is no Experience for killing unless they have a contract to kill someone for money. Also chars dont get experience for earning money for normal work its only for the life crime.

Also inspiration is given when the characters tell a short story why their characters went to the life of crime. they can do it any time something that happens that would remind that character of their past.

also i am in the process on working on a score and mixing of new syrinscape sounds for this vodcast. some of whats here now is some of mine from other campaign and also Syrinscapes awesome sound sets. the sounds were thrown together in 30 min which shows how easy it is to to use the syrinscapes sound sets !



Ben- Ander the warloc
Aaron- Royk the theif

DM - Shawn kawa


Dungeon and dragons 5e by wizards of the coast The software used is

sound software used


did the FG extentions which you can find in the fantasy Grounds Forums on

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