SFX Syrinscape Player Problems (Update)

So I created my own personal-to-use soundset for my horror one shot, but recently, I’m having trouble with the elements I set up as “sound effects” in my soundset.
I have different moods set for when I want to transition to different elements, and the music elements I have seemed to be transitioning and switching off well. However, the sound effect elements I have in my soundset seem to stick around no matter what mood I transition to (and when I need them to transition out and turn off).
I’m using other sound effect elements from other soundsets as part of my moods in the soundset I’m using, and they seem to transition out and off fine.
Is there as specific setting I need to change in the Syrinscape online player for the sound effect elements so that they transition out and off?

Update Note:
I did some more testing around with the SFX elements on Syrinscape Fantasy Player, and found out that the SFX within the soundset and its moods DO transition out and turn off when switching between other moods that have different SFX elements. Yet, sometimes the SFX does switch when transitioning moods that DON’T have different SFX (instead of SFX elements outside the soundset).
I think it’s something to do with creating moods on the Fantasy Player vs Online Player, since they don’t sync up due to other elements added from outside the soundset.
So I’m assuming it’s a type of glitch that’s finnicky with working with different moods in a soundset that have elements from other soundsets.
It’s probably better to create the moods in the Online Player, and duplicate any elements from other soundsets into one; so that way, the Fantasy Player won’t have trouble switching to different SFX elements

Yes yes yes. :slight_smile:

The Online Player is definitely going to give you the most reliable and flexible solution!