Sesrching för Zombicide/Lobotomy


Hello all and in advance Merry Christmas!

I am new to syrinscape and looking for Background Sounds for Dark, spooky Zombie Themed Games ? Any suggestions?


You could give Zombie Apocalypse a try, it is located in the SciFi Player. In the Fantasy Player there are some soundsets that have an undead theme - Zombie battle, Ghoul battle, Undead battle… But for Zombicide I would severely recommend Zombie Apocalypse. I use it when playing eg. Dead of Winter - perfect! :slight_smile:


You could also use Alien Autopsy in the Sci-Fi player, if you have some scientific shenanigans going on. If you’d like some additional spooky sounds (other than those in the Zombie Apocalypse set), Fantasy Player has Spooky and Elements: Horror. Also, there is some super spooky and tense music in Sci-Fi’s Nylarlathotep. Happy Zombieing!


This seems like an appropriate place to post this (although it was originally written for Christmas 2012) :smile:

T’was the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a mouse

We were all snug
In our beds with great care
In the hope that the Zombies
Would not know we were there

We had huddled in fear
For the past three long nights
The Apocalypse had come
The Mayan’s were right!

So now we did hope
For some laughter and fun
That St. Nick would bring us
A nice new shotgun

Twenty cases of shells
Some hand-grenades too
A sword and cross-bow
To just name a few

So if Santa is nice
And brings you such toys
Go hunting the Zombies
Like good girls and boys

And as you dispatch
Each Zombie with cheer

Merry Christmas to all
And to all a good year!


Thank you so much for your tips!

I Really like Zombie Apocalypse

Have a Good Start in the New Year :slight_smile: