Server upgrade and Minion Switch on is underway!


OK. Our #greatbigserverupgrade has started! Players and Minions and Creator downloads should all work as normal. Creator uploads to the server are disabled for the next 6 hours. Let us know straight away if you experience any bumps!!!


what is great greatbigserverupgrade :smile:?


Are there any links for instructions and the like for how to make this all happen? I don’t see any references to minions or minion downloads anywhere and I’m not sure how to proceed.


Not as yet but once the upgrade has gone through and we know its all working ok then we’ll post the links


Everything is working on the website but NOTE: The Creator AND Master/Minion are out of order until we complete the DNS change (in about 18 hours). Stay tuned!

We thought we’d be able to forward the https from the current Linode server (where the DNS is pointing atm), but NOPE!

So once we change the DNS, it’ll all start working again. :smile:


Any luck yet?

Keen to try it… :smile:


word has it tuesday is the magic day


Looks like everything has been 100% stable for the last 12 hours, so I think we have done it.

The Master/Minion is all up and runing on production, we’re just kicking the tyres a few more times with the private group and then I shall share the links that will get everyone going here! :cocktail:

Short version: Monday is looking more likely than Tuesday… but I didn’t say that!