Server switch and the Master/Minion Player - IMPORTANT


We just made a major server switch over ready for the release of the Master/Minion player, now called “Syrinscape Online.” Everything seems to be working as it should but please let us know if you have any problems? THANKS!

If you have any problems with the Players you might find that you have to log out and then back in again. That should resolve any problems :slight_smile:

ALSO as mentioned above, we have now redeployed the Master/Minion Player as “Syrinscape Online”, so everybody’s Master/Minions will now no longer work. You can read all about Syrinscape Online HERE and download the new client.


Imported Audio Files Not Playing in Master/Minion Player - RESOLVED

Thanks, Steve! I apologize if I missed it, but is there any guidance on when Syrinscape Online might work with the DOE Sound extension from Dulux-Oz in Fantasy Grounds? I use it so much for the automatic chatsound triggers its difficult for me to move to the new platform until this is available. I completely understand that is not part of the “core”, just curious if you have any type of ETA on when that might be available. Thanks for all the awesome work, guys!


Hi @Gwydion to be honest with you I’m not to sure where that sits on the roadmap but I know a man who will :smile:

I’ll ask Ben and the Dev team and then come back to you if that’s ok? But yes I totally agree it would be a fantastic feature and one I’m sure they are currently looking at.


Of course. And I know it might be a “fringe” case so I completely understand if it will be some time. You guys are doing tremendous work!


Hmmm… I know there is a known issue that when someone first joins your session they won’t hear the mood playing but I thought they were supposed to as soon as you switched moods? I set up a new, free account with a different email so I could test Syrinscape Online. I opened a session and sent myself a link and joined with the new, free account. I see myself connected as a minion but no matter what I do, I don’t hear any sound. Do you think its an issue with me or from the switchover last night?

Oh… and I did log out and back in from my player side, but I’ll try to do that from the game master side and see if that helps… Brb…


Myself and Ben have both separately tested it and everything seemed fine from that aspect but I can certainly take a further look into it for you. I know when I was testing it I started the moods after I had joined (as a minion) rather than when a mood was already active, I’ll have a play and see if I can recreate your error. Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:


Hmmm. No joy. Now when I launch the syinscape online player it just hangs. (See attached pic). I’ve uninstalled and re-installed a few times. I think I might have confused the system as I kept my profile name Gwydion but updated to a different email address. Then I went in and created a new free account with the "old’ email address. However, now that I’m looking at my profile, it still shows my old email. So, although the syrinscape fantasy player seems to recognize my supersyrin sub, the online player does not seem to like me…

Let me know if you want me to take this to a PM. No problem. I was just trying to create a free account to test the functionality… Darn it! :smile:


I’ve had the same problem this afternoon. It looks like the server isn’t happy with its new role! The dev team are working on it at the minute so as soon as I get some news I’ll let you know!

Also no I think it’s good to discuss this here, hopefully some of this will help other people get set up. Once everything is working properly it should be EASY :slight_smile:


I just tried to use the new player and I am having the same issue.


Opening the client app is giving me the PIN and activate now!!!
(And I’m able to hear things I’m playing in the Server browser app)



OK… we are getting there!

Almost got everything working!

At the moment I can get half my sounds working at:
AND the other half at


Also meters disappear sometimes, but MOOD starts and stops seem to be working MUCH more reliably now!


Everything “seems” to be working again now, but we are keeping a close eye on things just to make sure. Please hop on and test it out yourselves and let us know if you have any problems :smile:

@Gwydion I started up a mood and the opened my Minion Player, as expected the minion didn’t play the currently active mood but as soon as I triggered a new one it did work. Hopefully the problem you had yesterday was related to the larger issue. Give it a try yourself and let us know how you get on.


Going to try it now!


Will have to try again later. I can get the player up and running on my end and the sound is playing fine now. i can connect from my second instance but no matter what sound I try to play or switch moods I don’t get the sound on my second computer. Might be user error but all my other sound is working fine, just can’t hear the syrinscape player. Oh well. Will try later. Thanks. Oh… and yes I confirmed my second instance was connected fine. Showed up as connected to my game, just couldn’t hear anything.


Wow… Ok. I’m an idiot… I still couldn’t get it to work on the player side and then I downloaded the player to my second computer. Honestly I thought I just had to connect the second computer by accepting the link and I thought I was done… lol… Once I downloaded the player on the second computer it worked just fine…


Haha! Oops! Yeah that would be your problem. Ok that’s actually a good thing, maybe we need to make that more clear on the landing page. Glad you got it sorted though. Sorry I should have asked you that, I just assumed you already had it. My bad! :grimacing:


Nah… I suspect I’m the only one… lol. With all the sound stuff I do you think I would be a little smarter… :smile: