Server Storage Subscription question


I just need some clarification please. So if I subscribe to the Server Storage Subscription, does that mean whatever sound creations I configure in the Syrinscape App (configurations with the Syrinscape App on my IPAD), I can obtain the same creations onto my andriod device or PC Syrinscape Apps?

Looking forward to a response. Thx!


No, custom moods made on the Genre Players (Fantasy, Sci-Fi or boardgame) are stored directly to that device. The Server storage subscription means that you can continue to use any soundsets that you built in Syrinscape Online and the Creator.

To build soundsets within the Creator you will need a Supersyrin Subscription, but once built you can then continue to use those soundsts as long as you still maintain some level of Subscription. The Server Storage sub is the cheapest way to be able to continue doing so :slight_smile:


Got it! Thx for the quick reply. Stay safe and healthy.