Server Storage Subscriber


I just became a Server Storage subscriber. I don’t play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons and currently not online ( for example). I am customizing the moods in Lost Mines of Phandelver and wanted to add some one-shots to my new Custom Moods. But when I enter Syrinscape Online…the master interface, and click on Properties in the upper right corner, I still get the message that I need to become a SuperSyrin subscriber. That might be overkill for my needs and according to Ben Loomes in his youtube “Organizing your OneShots in Syrinscape” I could access properties and add one-shots. Did I misunderstand? Do I still need to become a SuperSyrin subscriber? Thanks - Tony


You can build custom moods in any version of the app, including on a free account but to make your own custom one-shots or to alter setting such as timing/distance or reverb you would need access to the Creator, which does require a SuperSyrin subscription

The server storage subscription is designed to give you continued access to your custom SoundSet Creator Content. It’s really for people who have built a lot of content and then no longer need a full sub, it allows them to keep using the content that they have built

The SuperSyrin sub gives you full access to Syrinscape Online and the Creator, which has been designed to be used online but is also a great tool to use for games at the table as well as full access to all of our soundsets, permanent ownership of any soundsets we release whilst you are subscribing, access to community created content and of course server space to store your creations. Syrinscape Online, is the newest version of our App and has a much more powerful search engine, making it easier to find the right sound when you need it and it doesnt need you to install soundsets so you are always prepared at the table, especially useful if you players venture to far from the book and you need some sounds for a side quest!


Got it. I already subscribed to server storage so do I need to cancel and then subscribe to SuperSyrin?


Nope you can just head back to the store and there should now be an upgrade button you can push. The store will work out the difference to charge you.

If you only activated your sub today though you may want to wait a few hours before you upgrade, just to make sure that the server doesn’t get confused. Any problems then let us know here or on support and we can get it sorted for you :slight_smile:


Thanks for the fast response!