Searching Library Samples Issue


So I’ve successfully uploaded/transcoded .WAV files but when I try and search for them in the samples library they’ll either come up in doubles as you can see in the image or not at all which you can also see. Any help would be awesome! Just looking to make some background music playlists and this has stumped me.


Hmmm, did you upload the same song/sample before? This sometimes happens when you upload a sample with the same sample name. :face_with_monocle:


Did you remember to remove all metadata from the files? Leaving meta data attached can cause the Creator to do some strange things like this. Sometimes it’s worth deleting the samples from within the Creator, closing it down and then reuploading the samples once you know that all data has been removed

Thankfully the next build of the Creator will be a lot more robust so should get rid of these kind of problems!


@new_vision I’ve tried changing names to no avail.

@Steve Yes I removed the meta data using just the default windows 10 method. It’s hard to delete from within the creator when it’s so finicky for when it actually shows the uploaded song or not but I’ve tried that to no avail. Is there an ETA for the next build?


What is the WAV format of the music tracks, that you’re importing into the creator? As you mentioned removing the meta data, I assume they are of 44.1kHz, 16bit, stereo format?
Just asking to rule out the obvious stuff. :slight_smile:


I just used an online MP3 to WAV converter, I wouldn’t know the WAV’s specs. How would I check that and if they’re wrong how could I fix it?


Unfortunately, Windows doesn’t show WAV specifics when checking the file properties. Easiest way is to utilize some audio editing freeware for a purpose like this. Comes in quite handy, when you want to temper with sound effects, but don’t want to pay big money for pro software.