Searching For Music From PPT7


Hi All,
There is a wonderful music track amongst the Combat Music sound in sound set PPT7 When The Stars Go Dark (Part 2) that has a loud elephant-like trumpet and lots of drums. Very fast moving and exciting music! I know I’ve hard this track in another sound set, but I just cannot remember which one. Can anyone remember where else this awesome musical score appears?


The “Combat Music” element is taken from the Masks of Nyarlathotep: Peru (monp) soundpack that we released earlier this year. The three actual pieces of music are “Fullon” “Unlight” and “Volatile Reaction” all by the very talented Kevin MacLeod of I think I might have also used them in an earlier PPT soundset but to be honest I can’t recall which from the top of my head lol :slight_smile:


Ah, yes, “Volatile Reaction”, that’s where I know this piece of music from! I have that piece of music on a D&D music playlist that I use sometimes during gameplay. I knew I had heard it before, and when it popped up in the sound set When The Stars Go Dark, I mistakenly thought I had originally heard in in Syrinscape first.

Thanks for the quick reply! FWIW, It’s be great if you used this piece of music in other sound sets when you can. Kevin MacLeod is a fantastic composer!


Hello again,

I’m a bit confused. The two Sound Sets for When The Stars Go Dark have disappeared from my Fantasy Player, even though I downloaded them two weeks ago. Was there a reason they were removed from the Fantasy Player? And as a subscriber, doesn’t that mean I have should have access to them?


Each of the PPT soundsets were available for everyone during the two week window that Paizo were testing that chapter. After which they became Community Content, available to SuperSyrin subscribers.

The playtest for chapter 7 finished on the 18th November, which is when PPT7 would have switched over to Community Content. The Playtest chapters were set up to showcase some of Syrinscape’s content and contain elements from both the Fantasy and Sci-fi Players, which is why they are not part of the normal Fantasy catalog


Ah, well I am sorry to read this. I did like those sound sets. Maybe in the future there could be something in the title that indicates that sound sets like that are temporary to regular subscribers? (maybe there was, but I missed it?). It would help so as not to confuse the regular subscribers like myself.

That said, still loving Syrinscape, and used it again this past Friday during our monthly D&D session (currently playing through the Pod Caverns of the Sinister Shroom).


Yeah @acroyear4 :slight_smile:

The time limitations etc were all listed in the SoundSet info (under the little i), but that’s not exactly super obvious unless you are thinking to look for it.

MAINLY… THANK YOU for your looooong time support as a sub! :smiley: :dolphin::sunflower:


You are very welcome, Benjamin! Syrinscape has elevated my D&D campaign to epic levels, so I plan to be a supporter for the long haul! :smile: