Search in "Your Campaigns" - RESOLVED


If you do a search for “Pathfinder” under “Your Campaigns” on the website there’s a few dozen soundsets coming up.

However doing searches for “D&D” “d&d” “Dungeons and Dragons” “Dungeons & Dragons” “Dungeons” or “Dragons” doesn’t produce much, if anything.

Would be very useful if all the D&D soundsets were tagged to appear under a single search, and if they already have been would love to know what to put in the search box.


Also “dh” gets nothing at all, and “wdh” only brings up 6 of the dragon heist sets.


@highdruid We’re working on improving the campaign manager search right now. The way it works now is:

  • Each soundset has a list of about 20-30 single word lowercase tags applied to it, derived from the soundset name and the name of the elements and samples contained within it
  • Whatever you type into the search field is expected to be an exact match for an available tag
  • If you type multiple words, or any uppercase characters, it won’t match anything
  • If you start typing and wait a second, you should see a list of tags popup that you can select from


Okay, thanks for replying, but . . .

Is there a single tag I can use for the D&D soundsets, if so what is it, or am I supposed to just guess?

Why don’t all the dragon heist sets come up using “wdh”? What do I use to get the rest?


@highdruid work is still on-going, but we have made some improvements to the campaign manager search:

  • 2 character tags are now added to soundsets and can be searched/filtered (e.g. dh and the other 2 character adventure soundpack prefixes)
  • The following new types of tags are now also added to soundsets and can be used to search/filter: category (fantasy, sci-fi, boardgame), subcategory (dungeons-and-dragons, general-fantasy, pathfinder), status (official, community, private, custom, original)
  • Tags have been re-calculated for all soundsets (from soundset, mood and element titles).

We’ve also added the above example tags to the campaign manager page above the search field.


Fantastic thanks @tai_admin

Do tags get automatically generated for brand new custom SoundSets that people make and/or when people duplicate an official SoundSet?


Yes, we are now updating the tags when soundsets are saved (including when a contained item is saved, e.g. an element is added or changed), and when soundsets are duplicated.

That should solve the problem where private soundsets were not shown when a filter is applied.

And we’re no longer losing the category/subcategory when soundsets are duplicated.


So much goodness!

See this is what happens when smart people give well thought-out feedback and talented people listen and think about and do something useful! :man_farmer: :bug: :hammer: :pizza: :beers: