Search function in Web Player

I have tried looking through some forum posts, but couldn’t really find an answer.
I have trouble seeing the purpose of the search bar in the Web Player (I see soundset to the left and Search to the right). When I try and find an adventure for example by filtering for Pathfinder, Official Content and Adventure I see a list of items (39 results), but I can not do anything with the items in the list except expanding them and seeing they are official. What is the meaning of this search functionality?

Those search criteria will show you the official SoundPacks and each SoundPack is made up of several individual SoundSets. Expanding the list will show you all of the SoundSets that make up that adventure and the order in which they come.

You can then use search to find the SoundSet that you want and use the “open” icon to jump to it or you can use the SoundSet search on the left to quickly navigate to the SoundSet, whilst still using the search on the right to find and access oneshots or individual elements.

This is an example of what I see in the search column. Just a list of items I can’t interact with except expand the item to see very limited information: