Search engine tweaks

Working a lot with putting my own soundsets together. I don’t know if I’m in the wrong here so correct me if I am:

Using the search engine to browse through sounds it SEEMS it reads the sound as it’s tweaked in the current state it’s in. This means that any delay for starting the sound or sound level is inherited in the search engine.

IF this is the case - would it be possible for the search engine to ignore start delays and normalize volumes so that I get instant feedback of the sound I’m playing. Right now I don’t know if the sound is broken, if it won’t start play until after a 5 minute delay, if it’s barely hearable e t c?

Just and idea for reaching better user friendliness of your awesome sound creator.

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My approach to this issue is to build my own elements from scratch. As finding sample (personally) is easier than finding elements that suit the mood I am trying to create. Then give your element a great name and you will find yourself reusing your own elements in future soundset.


Starting an element in the search results DOES in fact already ignore any start delay set, as does starting an element manually from the element section. Wanna check this is what you are experiencing?

They DO play at the volume the exist in FROM the content they currently exist in, though.

I suppose it might be nice to have a volume slider available next to the search results… not sure how hard that would be… OR it might look a bit crowded.

Perhaps, if you DO find an element that is quite soft, consider just adding straight away and hitting play from within your custom content… you can always just delete it again(?) (for the moment).