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Hello there. Been using Syrinscape for little over a year now with my shows I am a newer content creators and have a few projects I’m working on.

Scuba and the RY: “Journey into the unknown with Scuba and Ry Guy, as they discuss and debate the World of Video/Table-Top Games, Tech/Gadgets and anything Film/TV, Hobbies/crafting, Outdoor Adventures and Life. Sail Away …. Sail away into Nerdom!”

we record live every Tuesday night at 9pm Est

Challenge Accepted: this is a live Dungeon and Dragons game. we are in our second season and having a blast. this season the party is searching for a lost artifact and have been caught up in a murder mystery. The party is Tier1 level characters

Saturdays at 8pm Est

Twilight’s Gleaming: Another Live Dungeon and Dragons game that was originally a charity one-shot. Afterwards the players wanted to keep playing so we are going to continue the adventure and see where the road leads. The party is a Tier 2 level party.

Saturday at 10am Est

All of these games are streamed on also release as vod’s on YouTube and as audio podcasts. have been using custom sound-sets made with the online player.


Nice stuff,

I’ve checked out a few vids.

Nice gameplay. :slight_smile: Syrinscape is nice and rich in stereo. Are you using a sidechain to dip the Syrinscape music when people speak?

Thank you,

I’m not familiar with “sidechain”. I’m using a “Ducking” audio filter on the source output in OBS to drop the volume when the other audio inputs are active.

I do not have a physical mixer so i make use of the two pc setup I have for streaming and a capture card to send isolate SyrinScape source.

Yup, same thing. Essentially (technically) the plugin doing the “ducking” is controlled by a side chain input from the channel it is listening to.

On some of the videos the ducking was too strong… but on others it was just perfect, and makes a real difference. Basically means you can have Syrinscape louder in the gaps than you would otherwise be able to.

Props to you! :slight_smile: :smiley: :pizza::trophy:

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