Scrubbing through tracks

I’m probably just blind or dumb.

But is there any way to “scrub” through (or fast-forward) through music tracks?

I just started using syrinscape, and got the super syrin sub after I saw the remote control capabilities with the web player (I have a stream deck I plan to run the web player with).

But the library is vast and kind of overwhelming. Finding the right music tracks for my needs has been very time consuming as I have found I have to sit and listen to each track. I can’t figure out how to skip ahead so I can quickly get a feel for what the track is before I sit and listen to the whole thing.

Heya, Welcome to everything Syrinscape! :slight_smile:

Yes, double clicking on an element will jump immediately to the next cued up sample, so that will jump to the next music track in a music element (it’ll even crossfade nicely).

Ask more questions… that was a good one! :slight_smile: :cupcake: :beers:

Well that’s nice to know! But that’s not what I’m trying to do.

Im not trying to skip to the next sample, I want to fast-forward through the current sample.

So for example, if a music track is 3 minutes long. I want to be able to fastforward ahead to say the 1.5 minute mark of that track.

Yeah, this is not something you can do at the moment. Sorry about that. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :slight_smile:

@benjamin Hey! Are there any plans to add a feature to skip forward / move through the track? It’s really bothersome when trying to adjust the crossfade of the track and not knowing whether the adjustment was good enough. Also for skipping through a music track to see if it’s the genre that I’m looking for. I have to manually listen through the whole music to know whether it fits instead of skipping through the beginning/mid/end.