Science Fiction Sounds


Howdy All!
I was reading the “Official Soundset” thread and started thinking about some potential sci-fi soundsets that might be kind of cool. Please see my suggestions below:

  • Different Warp and Warp Space Sounds: Including “warp”, “hyperspace”, “space fold”, “singularity drive” and even “wormhole slingshot”.

  • Different Ship Interiors: Maybe with some different languages, ship sounds, weapon sounds, etc. Possibly using a warship, an exploration vessel, fighter, etc. But also give damaged sounds, like sputtering, on spot repairs, warbling engines, and so on.

  • Dangerous Space: What does a black hole sound like? A star in a near nova state? How does the waves of radiation sound on a ship? How do asteroids sound when hitting a small ship or a capital ship? What about planet or moon destruction?

  • Environment Suit: How does an environment suit sound like? What about warnings from within? Are there different warnings for various dangers? What do those dangers sound like from in a suit?

  • Dangerous Planets: What dangers could someone find on a planet? Strange creatures? Weird events? What about rain (or thicker fluid) spattering against a shelter?

  • Otherworldly Vehicles: Hover vehicles, rovers, airships, submersibles, etc.

  • Psionic Effects: What do the powers of the mind sound like?

  • Spy Thriller: How about some spy music? Grapple sounds? Gadget sounds? Transforming a car into a submersible? Maybe some bad guy lines? Or maybe multiple soundsets for different spy villains/settings?

  • Expanded Powers: More superhero power sounds. What about an armored hero set? More super music?

  • More Robots: Who doesn’t like having a bunch of robots to use? Everything from hunter/killers to garbage can astrogators.

I think some official soundsets for Traveller or Numenera might be neat. Even an unofficial “weird sci-fantasy” pack would be pretty fun.


Thought I’d chime in with a few possible sounds that you might not be aware of to tide you over while the Syrinscape crew takes a look at your suggestions!

There are a couple different ones that may be of interest. Starship has an exit and enter of warp, and Engine Room has sounds for subspace field discharge, antimatter containment process, and power transfer distribution that could double as warp/hyperspace sounds. The Starfinder ship sets have drift jump/drift jump short for different sounds of that. Nebula also has one shots for space warp, supernova, dark matter, and alien lifeform, all of which could double as strange ship-moving sounds.

The various Starfinder ship sets actually have everything from large battleships to tiny little fighters with damage sounds, repair sounds, alarms, alerts, etc.

Have you checked out the Time Tunnel set? Or Wormhole? That’s very much a black hole kind of sound. And Nebula has a “solar flares” mood with sounds of flaring flame/solar winds, even stellar dust. There’s also a mood for going through a meteor shower with bangs and scrapes along the hull. There are several one-shots in Nebula that could be novas or other space phenomena. Farside City has sounds for a domed city on the moon (or somewhere similar) having an meteor shower as well.

If you want ships/stations blowing up, I like Engine Room’s “meltdown” mood, or Abandoned Space Station’s “Oh No” or “Big Trouble”. Ghroth has a great “Armageddon” mood that is major destruction on a planet-side scale.

Check out Desert Planet or Frozen Moon - they have steady breathing/panic/panic breathing which is inside a suit, and a variety of suit alarms (low oxygen, distress signal, warning, lifeform detected, etc.).

Alien Planet has some really cool environments, some bubbling, some ethereal, some volcanic. Various soundsets in the Dead Suns soundsets (Field of the Lost, Temple of the Twelve, Wilds of Ukulam, Loose Ends, The Forgotten City) have some alien worlds. Gator Swamp, Upside Down, or any number of Fantasy Player sets may suit you.

Market Street 2076, Running the Net, Farside City, Freedom City 2525, all have a lot of interesting flying vehicles. Airship has an airship. Atlantis and Nuclear Submarines have some underwater vehicles.

Grue Invasion has some mind effects, as does Mind Flayer Battle from the Fantasy Player.

For investigative music, I could recommend Trollskull Manor from the Fantasy Player, or else Music - Smooth Jazz or Music - Chilled while spies do smooth spy stuff. Casino is a great one for some spy scenarios. City Street 2015, Car Chase 2017, Coffee House 2015, Office 2015, or House Party 2015, could be useful. Running the Net or Government Facility has some sneaking/hacking stuff. Securitect Offices has a grapple oneshot. There are some interesting mechanical sounds in Giant Steampunk Robot and Cybernetic Dragon could be the transformed car, and then Nuclear Submarine or Atlantis for a submersible sound.

Aside from Contest of Champion, Space Battle, Street Battle, and Climatic Space Battle, Giant Steampunk Robot and Cyborg Dragon have some elements that could be used for an armored hero, as could Clockwork Entities in Fantasy Players.

Spaceport, Shipboard, Spacedock, Alien Cantina, Evil Android, Freedom City 2525, and The Drift Rock have a pretty wide variety, from R2D2 types to repair droids to hunter-killers to security droids!