Save issues for sound files - Answered


Hi. i have an issue with the save Position. the APP is saved in my SD card, but all downloaded soundfiles are saved on my internal tablet memory. this is eating up all my free space.

what can i do? i cant download anything else now :frowning: - using amazon fire.

please help


Setting the Cache location on Android devices is not something we can do yet (basically limited by what Unity will let us do).

Sorry about that.

Do be aware though that:

  1. You can sign into any device you like with your e-mail+password combo (up to three devices at once)
  2. You can CLEAR unwanted data = under the settings menu (little cog)

I hope one of those two options helps you out a bit. :smile:


Is it possible now to save sound on SD card ?
Thanks and hello from france :smile:


Bon jour! :wink:

Unfortunately, at least to my knowledge, it still isn’t possible to save the soundset data on an SD card. If you’re really running out of memory, you have to utilize the tips @Benjamin gave above.

Pardon. :frowning:


So by “Fixed” really you mean not fixed at all?


Um, yeah! :smiley:

OK. I’ve change the tag on this subject to “Answered” which is definitely more fair!