"Save Current State" Randomly adding elements - RESOLVED


So when I’m in the soundset creator and I try saving the current state of the mood I’m working on, it adds 18 elements (always the same ones and mostly ones I’ve never even touched before) to the soundset. These elements will then all play as well as the saved mood when I try to test it.

It’s rather frustrating as I have to go through and manually delete each one every time I save a mood.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?


@LisaB Can you let me know which soundset and which elements? If you make a new soundset, does it happen there too or only in a particular existing soundset?


@sonofconan This happens on all new and/or duplicated soundsets.

Offending elements are:
-Creature Horde
-Distant Drips
-Wet floor
-dim wind
-something evil
-what was that?
-giant rat screeches
-whip crack
-tearing attack
-flesh attack
-mind flayer psionic attacks i
-mind flayer psionic attacks ii
-bass-pulsating drone
-mad voices
-dramatic moments
-armor foley

If an element already exists on the soundset pre-mood save, it will go ahead and add a copy.


Don’t mean to hijack, but I had the same problem myself two weeks back when creating my own soundsets or modifying duplicates, but in my case the elements that kept being added where those from Haunted Heart, the Myriana Attacks mood. So +1 to this observation. I put it down to me being a noob with the creator. :wink:


@nodmeister9 was it also the “save current state” button in the mood inspector that caused the duplicated elements? Or did it also happen on some other action? If you can reliably reproduce the problem still, I’d love to know exactly how you do it.


This was still happening while I was playing around in there on friday. It was only the “save current state” button in the property inspector that made this happen. It happened while using both my desktop and tablet…

HOWEVER… I can’t seem to make it happen on my android phone or desktop here at work (ssh lol). Which kind of makes me wonder now if it’s a connection issue. (My home internet is known garbage)


Hi sonofconan. It was indeed. I’m playing around now to try and get it to happen again. Will keep you informed.


@LisaB @nodmeister9 I’ve managed to reproduce this problem now. Working on a fix.


This is a fun one! How the heck did this one arise. This is definitely something we tested before the public push… :smiley:

Snakes… it’s definitely snakes!!! :snake:


Awesome thanks guys. I just have a way of breaking everything I touch!


@LisaB It’s a special, and actually quite useful skill! :smiley: :bug::hammer:


@LisaB @nodmeister9 This bug should be fixed now. It was caused by elements play state becoming stuck on the server if the player exits (crash, quit) during playback.

Those stuck elements would be duplicated every time the current state was saved to a new or existing mood.

Now, we reset stale play state when:

  • A just launched active device connects (being just launched, it can’t be playing anything)
  • An active device is unlinked (the unlinked device will stop playback)
  • Another device is made active (the previously active device will stop playback)

We do NOT reset the stale play state when an active device reconnects during playback (e.g. internet dropout).

Any other remote players in your game will also stop playback when the stale play state is reset to bring them back in sync with the GM.

This fix does require that you update to version 1.4.4 of the Syrinscape Online Player, which should be available for all platforms now.


Thanks everyone. To @LisaB for raising the “feature” :wink: and giving me confidence to lend my support, @sonofconan for the swift help and of course @benjamin for the gift of syrinscape. Anything that can make my 14 year old son physically jump as a bunch of skeletons attack, is a win in my book.


@sonofconan This is now happening to me. Steamer Music, Mountain Stream, Steamer Paddles, Cheers, Deck Swaying, and Happy Birds keep getting added or duplicated when I hit “Save current mood” in my desert soundset. I have quit out of syrinscape all the way and restarted it but they are still added.


Hi @davinci522

This is one @sonofconan can help you with… once he’s back at his desk on Monday.

In the meantime… you might consider using the Mood/Element inspector to update the state of your moods (for the moment) (to avoid the glitch)



What is the mood/element inspector? All I know is the Property Inspector, and under the Mood tab you hit the “update current mood” button. Is there a different way to update it with the online player?


When you are focused on a MOOD and also focused on an ELEMENT, if you fold out the “MOOD ELEMENT” Inspector (beneath the “MOOD” Inspector.

Here you can set:

  1. whether an element is started by the MOOD that has focus
  2. the volume that element will be started at.

Sense makes?


@davinci522 Is this still happening for you? Even after you quit and re-launch the online player app? I just tested myself and was unable to reproduce the same bug that we fixed earlier.


It seems to be fixed now. I guess restarting the server, or whatever you did, cleared it.