Samples Cannot be hear in web player mode

Hi ! im trying the web player mode to create a soundset. But in the search tab , i couldnt hear any of the samples , i can hear sfx moods etc but not the samples. For example looking for raven samples , and you cannot hear them in the search tab , just when you import that to your mood is audible.
Is working as normal using the old Syrinscape online app .
On the other hand could be great to have an option to launch the master control using the syriscape old app, at least for now.

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@igorgonzalezvelar Thanks for the bug report. We’ll fix this one soon.

In the meantime, you can still launch the old online player app and it will respond to commands from To avoid hearing both at the same time, you can mute the master interface tab.

Or you can still access the master interface without embedded web player at


great , thank you very much!

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