Sample uploads stuck at 0% "In Progress" - RESOLVED


I’m trying to upload some custom sample audio, correct formats 'n everything, but they’re stuck at 0% no matter what I try. I try refreshing, trying other sounds, renaming the files, etc. Nothing seems to work.

Hitting cancel, clear all or cancel all seems to do nothing, except when I refresh the page after doing so, that seems to clear any sounds stuck uploading.

I’m not sure what to do. I’d like to create more custom soundsets, but I can’t do so when nothing will upload.


@tfarrington3d I am able to upload samples and have them transcoded. Can you send me a copy of the sample you are having trouble with?

UPDATE: And which browser/platform are you using?


Here’s the sounds I’m trying to use. A set of phoenix sounds.

I’m using Firefox for the browser. Using Chrome doesn’t seem to work, either.


@tfarrington3d Thanks for that. I was able to upload and transcode all of those samples in Chrome and Firefox. They all work for me, except PhoenixScreech8.wav doesn’t appear to make any sound when it plays in the online player. The others all do. I’m not sure if there’s anything different about that one file, but that’s a separate issue than the one you are reporting.

Can you try in an incognito window in Chrome?

You could also try watching the network panel in the developer tools (CMD-OPT-I on macOS, CTRL-SHIFT-I on Windows) for an error when you attempt the upload.

I don’t see any server errors that appear to be related to the upload, which makes me think the upload request is not even making it to the server.


Same issue with incognito mode.

I’ve found an error when searching in the Developer Tools, though.

{Accept: “application/json, text/plain, /”, Authorization: “Token 896454b446ec2541cd95ae72dc5b127c610f8b35”}
40ec5e4eaf5c.js:2726 TypeError: Cannot read property ‘upload_samples_url’ of undefined
at start_sample_upload (36b68647242e.js:104)
at 36b68647242e.js:103
at arrayEach (40ec5e4eaf5c.js:3699)
at Function.forEach (40ec5e4eaf5c.js:4342)
at update_sample_queue (36b68647242e.js:103)
at add_samples_to_upload (36b68647242e.js:102)
at Scope.handle_start_sample_upload (36b68647242e.js:98)
at 40ec5e4eaf5c.js:2771
at 40ec5e4eaf5c.js:3008
at Scope.$eval (40ec5e4eaf5c.js:2832)
(anonymous) @ 40ec5e4eaf5c.js:2726
(anonymous) @ 40ec5e4eaf5c.js:2626
$apply @ 40ec5e4eaf5c.js:2833
(anonymous) @ 40ec5e4eaf5c.js:3008
dispatch @ 40ec5e4eaf5c.js:442
elemData.handle @ 40ec5e4eaf5c.js:428


@tfarrington3d Thanks. That’s very helpful. Are you trying to upload samples via the “import samples” button in the Sample Library, which is visible only when help text is visible?

I believe this button is buggy, as we moved the import function from the sample library to the element/element-playlist property inspectors:

As a result, we now require that an element is selected before attempting to upload, so that the uploaded sample can be immediately added to that element’s playlist. The import button that I think you are using will probably also work if you first ensure that a target element has been selected.

However, you can and should just use the import samples button in the element or element playlist property inspector, instead. I will remove the broken button from the sample library help text.


It seems you’re right! Switching to the other method seems to have worked. I hope the bug can be resolved soon, but for now uploading directly to the playlist works.

Thanks for the help!


@tfarrington3d I’ve updated the help text in the sample library and removed the import samples button from there.