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I’m just learning Syrinscape SoundSet Creator. I’ve watched the tutorial videos.

One thing I am stumped on. When looking for sound samples in the Samples area of the Sample Library tab, it only shows the top 25 sounds and you cannot scroll further. Even when using search, I seem to only be able to access the top 25 results. Is there a way to scroll further or navigate to a 2nd page of results?

Sound Set Creator - Browse Elements and Samples

Couple of things:

Have you installed the soundsets in the Creator? You can only use samples (or search for them) you have installed there. It doesn’t use the soundsets installed in either player.

If the former is the case: - what browser do you use and what OS?

What is the sound you’re looking for? Maybe there aren’t as much samples as you hope for?



Yes - the SoundSets are in the Creator. For example, I have Bugbear Battle installed, but when I search “Bugbear”, I only get the first 25 sounds, with no way to scroll further. The last sound that displays in the “Samples” tab is “Bugbear Growl 5”, even though I know there are hits for “bugbear” past that - like “Bugbear Wound” 1-6. If I search “Bugbear Wound”, I do see them. There’s just no way to scroll past the first 25 or so sounds in a search that yields more than 25 results.

I am on Mac OS 10.11.6 and have tried both Chrome and Firefox (latest versions) with the same result.


From what I know the Mac OS creator is relatively new. Maybe it’s a genuine bug - @Benjamin could take a look.


Are you on PC? Does this not happen on PC?


I will have to verify to make sure, but I don’t recall such a behaviour when searching for samples. I will keep you posted.


I just checked, if the problem is the same in Windows based browsers. I tried Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome and yes - the problem is the same!

@Benjamin You might want to put it on the bug list - searching the sample library only reveals 25 results, everything else is cut off!


Thanks for checking. Yes - would be good to be able to see past 25.


There is in fact a BUG, that some people see, where they can only see the first 25… so when it’s affecting me, I just have to get more specific with the sample name search field… even to the point of “roar _1” to bring up the first 10 and “roar _2” to bring up the next 10.

Does that make sense


Makes sense. Thanks. It would be good to see this fixed, though :wink:


We are working on the next version so this is definitely on the list of things to fix :smile:


Just picked up Syrinscape Soundset Creator package and have found this bug to still be in place. Very hard to use the product if I can only see the first 25 uploaded samples. This was reported 234 days ago, has there been a fix or workaround provided?

Windows 10 Pro x64
Tested on Latest Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer


As you might have read somewhere in this forums, the Master/Minion Player was developed during the last few months. As you can see, the player version is from last year’s February, so yeah - the bug is still around. But I am pretty confident, that, after MMP is done and with the Creator accessing content directly from the server, that bug will be history. Until then, you will unfortunately have to work with more precise search terms. It may be a little extra effort, but it still totally works and is worth it. :slight_smile:


I believe I am using the master/minion player and I am still experiencing this problem in chrome and microsoft edge.


@jacemaverick5 I think there’s a bug where the height is not being calculated on page load, but while we work on a proper fix, I think you can force missing scrollbars to appear by resizing the window a little.


@jacemaverick5 @sonofconan
Yea, I just hold down ctrl and scroll in and then out a little.
Has become an automatic habit. because the interface has always done this since day one. It becomes hard for me to see some of these glitches after a while, because I so routinely work around them! :smiley: