Running the Minion in a browser?


The community manager mentioned that the minion runs in a browser here but there wasn’t any followup as to how to access that

Was that a mistake for the master portion or is there actually a way to access the minion from a browser? I’ve built an audio table for my pathfinder game and would like to run this on a raspberry pi 3 if possible.


Syrinscape online does run in a browser however you also will also need to install and run an executable file to accompany this, similar to how the Syrinscape Soundset Creator operates. Currently the program works on PC and Mac and we are working on developing the iOS and Android versions for release in the future.

Full details on Syrinscape Online (The new name for the Master/Minion Player) can be found here


Hi Steve,

Thanks that’s what I thought. I might try installing Android on the Raspberry Pi in order to get this to work. Is there a ballpark figure when an Android version might be available?


Android version of the Online Player should be coming sometime in the next 6 weeks.


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Test builds for the Android and iOS builds are done.

Find the links here:

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