Running Giant or large monster footfalls

I’m looking for heavy set footsteps that sound like a very large creature is running. There is a single ettin footstep but i need something that sounds like a large creature running rather than just a single footfall

So what I did was I took the Giant Footsteps SFX - removed 4 of the 6 elements in the element playlist to only have 2 different footstep sounds (I took 06 and 02 which are short and about the same length) to alternate between - tweaked the delay between samples time to get the rythm I wanted (0 seconds) - set the sample play order to sequential and clicked to repeat. I was able to get a brisk walk but not a run…


Tweaked it some more. By clicking “count delay from sample start” I was able to get it to "move " faster.


Id love to hear it! Can you make it available?

Are you a Super subscriber? In that case you can do it yorself by following the steps I desctibed. I canreally recommend the super subscription as it allows you to create your own stuff using your own assets or mixing and matching existing stuff, like I did.

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