Running a mood Not Marking the elements runnig in this mood

Hi!this start to happen at least one week ago. Before, when you run a mood the elements involved in this mood where marked in blue , that was really usefull . Now most of the time there is no blue color , i can just see the circular timeline moving , but not the blue color . Which is a bit annoying when you are directing a game to easily track what the party is listening . i tried with google chrome and firefox with the same results . any idea ???

Hey igorgonzalezvelar

Yes, there was a regression recently when we updated something else to fix it in the UI. Quite a surprising regression. It knocked out the wait time rings as well. We got the wait rings working again, and will almost certainly have the blue colours back working again early next week.

THANKS for your patience, and indeed for reporting the prob (sometimes we haven’t seen these things ourselves), so never hesitate to report.

In the meantime, you’ll have to rely on:

  • the presence of the wait ring on an element
  • the glowy halo around an element…
    to know it is playing.

Either way, GAME ON! Everything will return to normal service asap! :slight_smile: :smiley:

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Thanks a lot for the reply! Yeah I’m using the ring and the halo for reference . Is not too bad :slight_smile: to be honest, but was more for letting you know about the issue.
Is great that you are looking into it !
Thanks again !!!