RSAC: Doom of the First Dwarfs - Wow!


So having the complete subscription, I have decided to start loading up some of these sound sets and giving them a listen.

I have to say, after listening to Doom of the First Dwarves, I felt it warranted a big thumbs up and some recognition!

I truly felt immersed in the mental scenes this sound set easily put me in, and that is largely due to the amazing and eerie music, as well as the simplistic ambient sounds around the viewer. What a mental journey!

I know for a fact that I will be using this during my next Dwarven endeavor.

Great job! I just wanted to give a call out to the creator of this sound set!


Thanks, @dorpond! All of the RSAC soundsets are built by Brandon Perkins from Realsmith and are designed to accompany their monthly Adventure Crates but yes, they work perfectly well as individual soundsets and are fantastic

The music is all found in other Syrinscape sounsets and he uses a lot of our samples but he does a fantastic job of putting those pieces all together and adding in his own voice work to really bring the sets alive and create something that sounds fresh and new.

Definitely keep an eye out for future RSAC soundsets and expect them to keep getting better. Brandon is currently looking at adding original music and more sounds built entirely by the team at Realmsmith so very soon the sets will start to REALLY sound different from our Syrinscape originals, adding even greater new content to the apps :slight_smile: