Royalty free music


I’ve just become a Patreon with Sound Hammer Inc, who are producing some great royalty free fantasy music. I thought it was perfect timing what with the creator being on its way :grinning:

@benjamin it would be great if you could speak to them and see how their music could be used with Syrinscape. I’m not sure how royalty free works, if we paid the Patreon fee would we then be able to upload soundsets that contain the music, or would that breach copyright still?

If anyone is interested in having a listen then take a look at them on Twitter @SoundHammerInc


OK! This sounds like an excellent idea.

I reckon we come to an arrangement with them, so people can use this music in SoundSets that people make.

We exchange exposure for use… and/or a bit of money because people will be supporting the creation of the tracks through the patreon.

All we need to make sure is that correct attribution is given for each song used, according to the specifics they request.

How excitement!


Fantastic! Thanks Ben :grinning:

Fingers crossed their in agreement, would be great to have all of your amazing music and samples as well as their music to be able to play around with in the creator.

I can’t wait to see who gets to upload a custom soundset first and what it is!


Contact has been made.

We are chatting via email. :+1:


Good ole email! Sometimes it’s better than facebook.

Make that “always”…


Wow what a treasure trove of music for role-playing thanks so much for this link I’m curious though how this music was made they sound like real instruments what program do you use?


This looks awesome! Great find.


I get my music from two separate sources, one being the awesome Soundhammer and the other being the very talented Brandon Fiechter. I’m not sure what Soundhammer uses but I will certainly ask him, but I know Brandon does all of his in GarageBand. Both of them sound really instrumental, so I was shocked when I found out how Brandon made his.

Glad you’ve found them useful though, I’ll post up links to other artists as and when I get them :smile:


Wondering what was the outcome of negotiations with Sound Hammer Inc?


Unfortunately the guys running Soundhammer had to abandon the project so negotiations didn’t get to far. If you are looking for music that you can use though take a look at Kevin MacLeod’s “Incompetech Music” His work is covered under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License and there is a LOT to choose from!


Thanks Steve, I’ll definitely check it out!


And remember if you make a SoundSet that contains only legally shareable stuff then EVERYBODY would appreciate you letting us know we can turn it on as Community Content.

For example: grab a whole lot of Creative Commons Zero OR Attribution music and organise some Music SoundSets by Feeling, then share with everybody, then we can use them building other stuff as well.

That’d be cool!


Royalty free music streaming sites:
Free music download sites:


Be careful with your second link: most of the music sites mentioned there DO NOT provide royalty free music, hence can not be used in soundsets destined to share for the community! :wink: