RotF: Easthaven missing sound piece?

While prepping for a DnD session after a short hiatus, I was running through the Rime of the Frostmaiden sound tracks (all fantastic so far by the way). However, I noticed that Easthaven has nothing for the Frost Giant Skeleton fight in the Cauldron caves. The other fights SPOILERS Dire Wolf, Water Weird and Hag/Will o’Wisp END SPOILERS all have combat tracks. Would it be possible for the Giant to get a combat track as well?

Easthaven was one of the larger soundsets when it comes to moods. To keep the amount of moods managable something had to be cut, and unfortunately it was the Frost Giant Skeleton. :frowning:

I call out to the community - what do you think? Should the Frost Giant be put into that set or can you manage without him? Hint - there will be a Frost Giant skeleton in chapter five, so you can technically copy it in, once it is released.


Wouldn’t it be better to add it to Easthaven and copy it over? Just coming off hiatus for our group and it’s likely they’ll be getting to that cave in the next few weeks :confused:

Absolutely I would love to see this added… The more the merrier!