RotF chapter 7 release update

Hello. I love the quality of the content you put out and looking at a previous forum post it looks like frostmaiden chapter 7 was delayed from pre-summer to summer so I just wanted to know when the potential date for a release on it would be? my players are in the middle of chapter 6 right now and we’re coming up fast to chapter 7

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Heya @Arthianne,

Chapter 7 is in for approval with Wizards. Just waiting on them atm.

NOTE: once it HAS been approved by Wizards we DO often turn content on for specific users (subscribers) that request (even if we haven’t officially released it in the store yet).

So when you get there… make some more noise! :slight_smile:


Will do! Thank you very much!


That would be great as I’m starting my 3rd game in chapter 6 Saturday. Not sure how much longer I have until they find the netherese city!!! Please make an announcement when you get word back from WotC so we can plead our case lol :joy:

Well, they made it to the landing before Ythrn Saturday. Hope this gets approved this week or I’ll be creating my own soundsets from scratch.

Chapter 7 would be great as the campaign I am runnign is just starting the last section

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2 weeks out from our final 14 hour session to conclude the campaign in the last chapter!


@benjamin Next Saturday is the day! Will it be ready by then?

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I just joined the forum because I was also hunting for the Chapter 7 release information. My group is midway through Chapter 7, and I’d love to have the soundset before their final battle. oh please oh please oh please

and thank you!

Edit: I think they’ll hit the finale on September 6th

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Rime Chapter 7 should be visible for you now!



Thank you so much!!!


And also, note, this content is now live for EVERY subscriber too! :slight_smile:

Hope you like what we built!