Roll20's Mod Catastrophy


Well, Reddit and the rest of social media’s just blown up over a particularly stupid action on the part of one of Roll20’s Mods (and owners). See the details here.

Look, I’m biased, but if you’re one of the people moving away from Roll20 then come on over to Fantasy Grounds - I’m one of the FG Mods, and we simply don’t do that type of thing there.

And Syrinscape works way better integrated with FG than it does Roll20 - I should know, I wrote the integration :slight_smile:



That’s all… really… woah… there’s some serious posting going on there! :bomb:


You’re telling me - i read through a couple of hundred of the replies - and none of them are any good for the Mod


Whoa thats some serious stuff, certainly makes for interesting reading! :exploding_head:


You know, I’ve just spent an hour or so reading the comments on Reddit on this, and all I can say is, I wish we had this as a case-study when I was doing my MBA, because I have never seen anyone commit business suicide so quickly or so thoroughly.

I know they’re the competition to my fav VTT, and I know what was said by the founder was simply way past stupid, but this might actually cause Roll20 to fail, and there’s staff and their families to think about.

Thank God that @benjamin & @Steve would never do something so stupid - the way the comments are going and the number of people saying that they’re cancelling their subs or not using Roll20 at all is simply astonishing - I don’t know what Roll20’s real revenue stream is like, but damn, are they going to take a hit!


Took a quick peruse through some comments, and Nolan’s reply that told have the story is ver politician-like. I tried roll20 but could never figure out how to make a pc or npc and since that the core of the game never used it.