Roll20 Integration?

My players really struggle with downloading the app and getting connected to the Syrinscape feed for my games.

It sure would be cool if you guys could figure out a way to work with the Roll20 crew for a direct feed hook up!

One thing to make sure is that after they have all connected that the GM clicks on the play button again, to ensure all players are hearing the sounds.

Yeah, the issue is that the players struggle to connect to the Syrian player at all. Would be so much simpler to connect Roll20 to the Syrinscape player directly and broadcast through their channel instead of making the players run a separate app.

Not everyone has enough computing power to process all that content at once

Note: this video maaaaay help? :slight_smile:

I don’t thiiiiiiiiiiiink computing power should be an issue. The Online Player running on my system right now is only using 2.5% of CPU and 32MB of memory. So even if your Player’s computers are half as groovy as my 2018 machine, then they should be right.

If you ARE keen for closer integration with Roll20, then the thing to do it:

  • let the Roll20 community know about Syrinscape
  • advocate for them to look into Integration (we are ready) :slight_smile: :wrench: :hammer:

The Roll20 forums are Full Of Comments asking them to integrate, And their response has been that the ball is in Syrinscape’s court…

With the boom in remote gaming right now, it seems like it would be a HUGE new market for you to tap into,

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Yes, I’ve followed these instructions and it runs fine for me as a dm. But my players have all complained that it’s not working for them. Not ensure why this is… might be user error on their end, or maybe something with their technology… in any event, it would be really nice to access the “syrinstream” directly within the interface for Roll20…

My workaround currently is setting up another “player” in the game to serve as the audiofeed, and running another laptop during the game, and set it up to stream the audio from the online player into the “mic” of this extra laptop. Awkward… but gets the job done for my less than tech savvy players.

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Can you point me to a thread that says this?

Apologies, I miss read the post here:

Looks like you are already all over this thread. I misread the Post about who’s got the ball.

Sure would be great to get an easy integration. I hope they engage with you.

You could use the standalone with something like voicemeteer, so that you can merge your microphone and syrinscape sounds into a single feed that is used as an input to to roll20. I think the procedure is available on the roll20 forums for how to do this.

Not integration per se but I have built a soundboard within Roll20 my players each have so they can play their own sounds (e.g. after they cast fireball)
I wrote a step-by-step guide here if anyone is interested (no API needed, just macros):