Roaming with Romans in Rome

Not centurions hitting barbarians in big battles, but a party exploring the historic city of Rome at the peak of the Empire. Culture, grandeur, construction on an epic scale.

Bit of a tricky one this, because most of the related sounds (marketplaces, cities etc) are targeted at medieval/fantasy settings and I’m looking for a more cultured, historical setting. I’m sure I could mix something together though. Anyone got any suggestions?

Appreciate y’all.

Hmm…this might be a long shot, but the Port Nyanzaru soundset for Tomb of Annihilation might work. They sound a bit different than other “city” builds. (Different crowd sounds, exotic wandering minstrels, etc…)

Of course, you’ll have to drop the volume on the dinos. :slight_smile: In terms of construction, I believe there are samples that were intended for the harbor but you could bring them up in other places to simulate that. There are also several different styles of market, a bathouse, and a few different moods for a colloseum that should fit: in the crowd, in the arena, outside walking by.

Hope it helps.

It does, thank you, I’ll check that set out.

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