Rise of The Runelords - Catacombs of Wrath

Hey, I’m running Rise of the Runelords, and want to use Syrinscape.
Next session my players will be going to the Glassworks, and so I’m going to be buying the 4$ Glassworks. I couldn’t find the Catacombs of Wrath package that’s listed in both the 17$ Burnt Offerings package and the 99$ Rise of the Runelords package.

I’m happy to purchase the Burnt Offerings package instead, but not if the catacombs of wrath won’t actually be there.

Can anyone guarantee that it is in fact there?

The link in the “SoundSet Features” seems to be broken. Does the content still exist?

Thank you,

This is taken from the store overview.

Yes. For example: the “Burnt offerings” SoundPack supports:

  • a Goblin battle
  • a seaside town
  • an evil temple complex
  • a glassworks
  • a Goblin strong hold
  • a Bunyip Battle
  • and several other awesome things

This is on the “feature” tab

bo Glassworks

Outside the Glassworks
We found a way in
Furnace room
A little bit eerie
Is that goblins?
This place is really weird
Goblin battle
Goblins & Tsuto battle
Tsuto battle

Official Pathfinder
Burnt offerings music
Glass furnace deep rumble
The glass furnace
Glass furnace up close
Don’t break that!
Glass breaking in the distance
Rat chewing
Distant Goblins
Distant smash
There are goblins in here
Hissing machine
Smashing sheets of glass
What was that?
There’s a strange feeling in here
Something deep below
Fighting Goblins
Dog slicers
Outside the Glassworks
Muffled sounds of Sandpoint

Here’s a link to the megapack


Hi @nelsonthicks,

Yeah, what you are wanting is this:
See under SoundSet Features tab for all the locations and creatures that are in the pack (including the Catacombs).

Maybe grab that and then contact us on support@syrinscape.com for a refund for the individual purchase you made before?

Glad you are liking the sounds. :slight_smile:

is there a savage worlds set? i ask because you have the rise of the runelords set, but the attack sounds do not trigger (when using the archetypes). the ambient sounds are great, but it would complete the deal if the weapon attacks and power casts would trigger their sounds, too. thx.