Ringing with custom .ogg and .wav


I’m having some issues with custom music that I upload. The original files sound fine on my devices until I upload them to the online player. They have a high pitched ring that wasn’t present before. Is there a certain bit rate or sampling rate that would stop it when converting?


The Online creator is a lot less picky than the old version but even so we always advise using 44k, 16bit wav files (CD Quality) as this will always give you the best sound quality


I converted it to 44k 16 bit wav as you suggested, but the ring is still there. I purchased the album on iTunes and have uploaded other albums without issue. Not sure why it doesn’t like this one.


Hey @sn0wraven

Wanna send me a sample sample that I can test?


Absolutely! What’s the best way to send it?


OK @sn0wraven

I got your sample.

I’ve made a SoundSet called “Ringing test”, and granted you access.

I uploaded your sample directly, and also a WAV 44.1K 16bit that I converted in Audition.

I put the samples in Music Elements with “Enable 3D positiong” UNCHECKED on each of the samples.

I don’t hear any ringing, do you?! :smiley: :slight_smile:



Hmmm, nothing happens when I hit play on either wav or m4v


Do you see the samples in the Playlist… maybe I need to assign ownership to you…

I also wonder… DRM…?


You playing in the Online Player or Fantasy Player?


Fantasy Player will take a while longer to update… you probably downloaded a version before I imported the samples…


I do see them. Got them to play in the online player. I still hear the high frequency as the voices pause in the first few seconds. I’m going use my tablet and computer as the player online player and see if it’s only my iPhone!


It rings on my iPad too. :weary: It’s a ring that I’m surprised I can still hear being 47. It’s reminiscent of your ears ringing. It’s not there when I play the track in iTunes only when uploaded. Sorry


I’ll have another listen…

Weirdness! :smiley:


I’m downloading and blessing my PC to see if I hear it here as well.


Ok! It doesn’t have the ring on the PC Syrinscape Online Player!!! Only on the iPad and iPhone Syrinscape Player!!!


It’s perfect on the computer and I’m listening to it with my Wetstone in ear monitors turned up!


As a note


PC version of the player is up to date


Yes. I think there is a mismatch on version numbers at the moment. Is that right @sonofconan

As for the ring… I am now increasingly suspicious of DRM.

Maybe try this:
Copy the audio out of the M4V into another completely fresh WAV container… consider applying a mild compression… maybe normalise down a bit and then up a bit. Do a little EQ. Just something to stop the Apple devices from recognising the source of the audio data?

As for the strict legalities of using the file you paid for…and breaking the DRM to store your file in a different format… I don’t actually know about all that sort of stuff.


Well, I don’t publish this as community content… so I should be ok in that regard. If it is DRM, then I’m curious as to why some albums have the ring and others don’t. I purchased all the audio I’m using in the same format from the same place (itunes).