Rime of the Frostmaiden


Really looking forward to this game and it would be great to have some awesome sounds to go along with it


Agreed, hopefully they get a soundset for this once the module is released


We maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay just be doing something about this.

Just sayin’ :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would be unable to CONFIRM or deny whether this would get me excited, but if it DID, I would be most PLEASED.


I’m also so excited for this!! Hopefully if something gets made for it, it will be in the store. I keep thinking about how the sound effects for lord of rings talked about making the balrog and using the cinder blocks in a tunnel to get it that would be so cool to do with some icy effects mixed in.I guess my passion for Foley sound effects is coming out. I really wish somehow the sound editor was available for the individual purchase customers.


Just seen on Facebook. Ben is working on some new rime of the frost maiden music. <3


One can only wonder why that may be… :grinning:


Yep, we added it to our release schedule the other day. Lots of exciting new content on its way :slight_smile:


The adventure book is now out!!! Super excited to start up an adventure, obviously still need some time to get it all set up though lol. Any word if we will be getting a sound set for this in near future?


If all goes well, production is finished on Friday/Saturday, then goes to Wizards for approval. So the release to cover chapter one should happen within the next week, give or take a few days. The coverage for chapter two should follow at the end of October. :slight_smile:
Outlines for every chapter are done, the music is composed, so a huge chunk of content is already done. If all goes well, chapters three and four will be done by the end of the year and chapters five, six and seven should arrive in a monthly fashion after that.


Sweet. Keep up the good work!!


The first chapter of Rime of the Frostmaiden is done and it is in the review process. Very soon everybody eager to play through the adventure can start it with appropriate sound support. :smiley: :tada:


You guys are my dudes!


Will there be a mega pack for sale at the end when all chapters are released ? (as you just did for avernus) I just started a campaign with Descent into Avernus, so Icewind dale for me and my players will start only in 2021. I can wait and prefer to get the whole pack at once. So just wondering…?
thanks !


Yes. That is the usual plan, so unless something changes, that’ll show up in the store eventually! :slight_smile:

Hope you have fun with Avernus! It’s an AWESOME adventure with GREAT sound! :smiley: We had a LOT of fun getting it done.

AND NOTE: Rime should be out THIS Friday…!


Thanks man, I’ll keep an eye on your work here with Icy, while we have tons of fun with Avernus starting next week !


You DO that! :slight_smile: :smiley:


What kind of timeline can be expected for the subsequent chapters to be released? My party has finished chapter 1.


Holy crap, you are fast. :flushed: Chapter two is in production right now, so I would carefully estimate it will be three to four weeks, give and take some days.

Might I ask how often your group plays?


We’ve been playing several times per week but that will slow down in November.